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Hundreds Of Students Protest UC Regents Meeting In San Francisco As Tuition Hike Is Considered

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – A large group of students have gathered outside the University of California Regents meeting at the Mission Bay campus in San Francisco, as a tuition hike is considered.

At about 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, campus police had to intervene as students blocked a garage entrance and swarmed one of the regents trying to get to the meeting. The students ended up rushing a locked glass door, which shattered. One person was detained in the incident.

UC President Janet Napolitano has proposed a plan to increase students' tuition by as much as five percent over the next five years. She said the tuition hikes are needed because the state is not giving the university enough money.

"The tuition increase in the plan is a contingent increase," Napolitano said. "The tuition increase could in fact be zero. But it will not exceed five percent."

Governor Jerry Brown has already said he will vote against the proposal and is among a chorus of state officials opposed to any type of tuition hike. Brown said the state will increase funding for the university as long as tuition remains frozen, as it has been the last three years.

Napolitano said she's fulfilling a promise to make tuition increases more transparent and easier to plan for, thus the five year plan.

The full UC Board of Regents is expected to take up the proposal on Thursday.

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