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Home Security Reaches New Heights With Drones

PALO ALTO (KPIX 5) -- In-home security systems may be a thing of the past, thanks to a new startup company in Silicon Valley.

Sunflower Labs is taking home security to new heights. They want to use drones to protect our homes.

The Palo Alto company is planning to use drones along with sophisticated, high-tech sensors to detect and stop possible break-ins.

Sunflower Labs CEO Alex Pachikov said, "It's fundamental for us to have the infrastructure not only to detect activity and summon the drone but also to guide it along to where the activity is."

Here's how the system works, the solar-powered sensors can detect movement, sound and even vibrations enabling them to tell the difference between your pet and a possible intruder.

And when triggered they launch a drone like this, think of it as your own, personal aerial watchdog.

"The flying camera when it arrives at the scene is a deterrent in and of itself. Anybody who's doing something they shouldn't on your property when they see the flying camera arrive above them will mostly likely stop and leave it alone," Pachikov said.

Potential customers can now pay $25 to reserve their security system which is expected to ship in the fall of next year.

And for anyone concerned about a noisy, potentially privacy -- invading drone buzzing around your neighbor's home -- the company says their software insures the drone and its camera only point at the owner's house and nowhere else.

Pachikov said, "Our drone builds an object map of your house and property. It knows where the house is, where the trees are. And it's intelligently planning a flight path around your property to avoid any objects."

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