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Drive-Thru God?: Fremont Church Offers Prayer Service For Those On-The-Go

FREMONT (KCBS) — These days we can fulfill our thirst in the car by pulling into a Starbucks. We can even solve our hunger by pulling in for a Junior Jack.  Now, if you thirst for more and are hungry for spiritual relief, we can still avoid getting out of car.

Starting Monday, from 5 to 6 p.m., the Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Fremont will be holding drive through prayers.

Located at the the crossroads of Fremont Boulevard and Central, it's "God on the Go," said Father Branden Maceveg and it's the answer to many commuters' prayers.

The idea was brought— heaven sent if you will, by Father Mathew Vellankal.

Drive-Thru God: Fremont Church Offers Prayer Service For Those On-The-Go

"Some of them do not know when they enter the church, what to pray or how to pray, but here we have trained volunteers who just be standing out there and praying for them and praying with them," said Father Brandon Macadaeg.

"We have drive-through fast food, we have drive-thru coffee and why now drive-through God?" Vallankal said.

He mentioned that Pope Francis has asked that church leadership reach the people that have been forgotten and to go out on the periphery. That seems to mean praying for sick loved ones, caregivers, world peace, and good will to man; it really doesn't matter.

It's not really what I'm used to, but you never know when you'll need all the help you can get. Amen to that.

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