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Hillary And Chelsea Clinton Stop In Bay Area To Discuss Book On 'Gutsy Women'

DANVILLE (KPIX 5) -- Hillary and Chelsea Clinton stopped in the Bay Area on Sunday on a book tour for their new collaborative work.

The mother-daughter pair said when they first began writing their book, they started with 400 women whose stories of courage and resiliency they wanted to share. Ultimately, they ended with 103 gutsy women.

"The women we profile in this book are gutsy, because they persevered often against difficult odds and obstacles," said the former Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton was describing the kind of women--historical, fictional and contemporary--in her new collaboration with her daughter Chelsea, titled "The Book Of Gutsy Women."

Working together did have some technical challenges, they said.

"I knew that my mom wrote long hand, I knew that," said Chelsea Clinton. "I really appreciate meanwhile, up in the bleachers, someone just had to explain what long hand was."

The women in the book who broke down barriers for others include Nancy Drew, Betty Ford and Amelia Earhart. The conversation at San Ramon Valley High School at times touched on politics.

"We can have a secure border and a smart immigration policy, which we must without separating and caging children," said Hillary Clinton.

That statement was followed by a loud applause.

"It was really nice that they covered the current events, especially with the separation of children from their families at the border. I thought that it was amazing that they talked about that with such passion," said Zainab Burney of San Ramon.

Chelsea said she hopes the women's stories inspire her three young children.

"Women inspire men just like they should," said Mikhail Tank of Lafayette. "There's a lot of great stories and a lot of great wisdom that we can gain from women."

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