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Winemaker's Voice: Lamborn Family Vineyards Owner -- 'They Saved Our Vineyard'

HOWELL MOUNTAIN (CBS SF) -- As members of the Lamborn Family Vineyards drove up Howell Mountain Saturday, their hearts sank as they saw the widespread damage the Glass Fire has left in its wake.

While they hoped their vineyard and winery would be still standing, doubts crept into their minds. When they finally arrived, doubts were quickly replaced by deep appreciation for the firefighters who had waged battle against the flames.

Saturday afternoon they put words to those feeling on the winery's Facebook page.

This one is bittersweet," the post began. "Mike, Matt, and Brian were able to get in to the property this afternoon and we are very relieved and grateful to report there has been no damage to any of our standing structures. How the firefighters managed that is beyond us and we are beyond appreciative of them. They saved our vineyard as well. All of the damage is to our beautiful surrounding forest but forests regrow. So the good news is, Lamborn has been spared."

"The sour part of this sweet news is the destruction caused by this disaster," the post continued. "The drive up Howell Mountain was almost unrecognizable. The poor people of Deer Park got hit so hard. It is impossible for us to celebrate when so many have lost so much, and the drive up today was a sobering reminder of the power of fire."

The fire was stopped on the very edge of the vineyard and firefighters were still on the scene.

"A crew from San Diego Fire is currently at our property putting out rogue flames and hotspots," the post continued. "CalFire is doing water drops. We are keeping our thoughts and prayers constant for the firefighters and all of our neighbors and friends. We hope there will be no more updates between now and when this fire is 100% contained."

"Thank you everyone for all of your thoughts, prayers, and well wishes, and THANK YOU firefighters! We appreciate you all."


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