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GameDay: Mullin Jersey Retirement Will Forever Be Remembered For Boos

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OAKLAND (CBS 5) – Remember the old line a priest would use at a Catholic wedding? "Speak now, or forever hold your peace?" That phrase went out with the idea that the bride's old man should pick up the tab. (Thank God for that)

Imagine standing on the alter while some jackass stands up and proclaims the marriage a sham. Well, someone in Rome finally did something right. They took the phrase out of the ceremony because it wasn't right time for protest.

Hello Warrior fans! Nice timing. It was Chris Mullin's night, not yours. The evening shall forever be remembered for what you did, not Chris Mullin. There's no question that Joe Lacob should have excluded himself from the entire deal. But did you have to pick that time, that moment to exercise your right to freedom of speech?

I'm with Rick Barry on this one. "Show some class."

"I'm Baaaaaaack." Jack Nicholson couldn't have said it any better. Alex Smith is back and that's the way it ought to be. The guy was two special teams' blunders away from taking the 49ers to the Super Bowl. He flourished under Jim Harbaugh and he deserves the keys to the car.

Comparatively speaking, the contract is a joke, sure. But as Alex said today, "I'm not a money guy." As for hurt feelings? It's amazing how quickly they go away when you win football games. Harbaugh played the field and took a shot with the obvious reasoning that "Alex could get us there, Manning would get us there."

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