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GameDay: Hue Jackson Told Campbell of Palmer Trade

CBS 5 Sports Director Dennis O'Donnell hosts "Gameday" every Sunday night at 11:30pm and offers his unique sports analysis here.

OAKLAND (CBS 5) – Hue Jackson told me the story about Jason Campbell finding out about the Carson Palmer trade on TV isn't correct. After practice I taped an interview with the head coach of the Oakland Raiders for Gameday. Jackson said he called Campbell after the deal was done, apparently while Campbell was still on meds for surgery on his collarbone. I also interviewed Carson Palmer who told me that Campbell has been instrumental in assisting him with the offense. Smart move on Campbell's part, who was dealt a rough blow at a critical stage of his career. Amazing how quickly the media and fans turned on Hue Jackson. Given the circumstances, the only logical conclusion anyone can draw from that game is that Kyle Boller isn't a good option as the back-up quarterback. And although the Raiders defense gave up just 14 points, Aaron Curry told me they should have done better, perhaps a shutout. So far, so good for Curry who said the Raiders defense better suits his strengths.

TO's potential employers:

1. Theater popcorn attendant. (fired for dropping too many bags)
2. Infomercial talent: The Amazing one-minute ab workout
3. Sharpie salesman (fired for employee contradiction to name of company)
4. Survivor contestant (kicked off the island when tearfully explains about teammate, "He's my quarterback."
5. Jeff Garcia's personal car washer (fired when TO uses his sharpie to write on the car.."If it walks like a duck…"
6. Police Officer (fired when he allegedly rips the star off his uniform and starts stomping on it)

Tony La Russa... You have a call on line one… as Kevin Johnson's mother said the day he was drafted, "Cleveland!?!?!".

See you on TV.

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