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Fresno Bus Rider Injured After E-Cigarette Bursts Into Flames

FRESNO (CBS SF) -- A man was taken to the hospital Wednesday afternoon after being burned when his e-cigarette exploded as he rode a Fresno bus.

The 53-year-old man said he had an electronic battery powered vape device in his pants pocket that became hot and then burst into flames.

There were reports that indicated the man might have been trying to use the e-cigarette on the bus before putting it in his pocket.

In surveillance video from the bus, the man is seen sitting and talking with another passenger across the aisle when the e-cig starts hissing as it emits smoke.

The man begins to yell as the e-cigarette produces flames before it appears to explode in his pocket. Once the flames cease, the man runs off camera, apparently asking for help from the driver.

The man was treated for burns to his right thigh and hand. There was no word on his current condition.

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