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UPDATE: Hazmat Situation Cleared At Fremont Industrial Gas Supplier

FREMONT (CBS SF) -- Firefighters and hazardous materials crews responded to a fire at an industrial gas supplier in Fremont Wednesday that shut down the surrounding area for several hours.

Fremont police issued an alert just after 9:15 a.m. about the incident at Air Liquide at 46405 Landing Parkway just west of Interstate Highway 880 and north of Warren Ave.

Several businesses in the area were told to shelter in place due to possible hazardous chemicals escaping from the building, and Fremont police were asking people to avoid the area.

"[The fire] was extinguished before our arrival to now being a hazardous material incident," said Deputy Chief of Operations Zoraida Diaz. "They store unknown chemicals and transport unknown chemicals."

Crews worked on ventilating the building and were treating all chemicals as hazardous until they know exactly what they are. More details about the nature of the hazardous chemicals were not immediately available.

Just before 1 p.m. police said the hazmat spill was cleared and all surrounding roads had been reopened around Landing Parkway and Fremont Boulevard.

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