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Federal Immigration Authorities Release Report On Uncooperative Jurisdictions

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – The Trump administration is calling out sanctuary cities. Some are calling it a shame campaign, and a few Bay Area counties are on the list.

The Department of Homeland Security on Monday released the first -ever report on law enforcement agencies that are not cooperating with federal immigration authorities.

On January 29the Alameda County Sheriff's Department declined to turn over a Cambodian immigrant who had been convicted of domestic violence, according to the report.

On February 2, the Santa Clara County Jail declined to turn over a Mexican immigrant for domestic violence as well.

They were two of the multiple ICE requests turned down by local authorities in a one-week period for inmates arrested or convicted of everything from drugs to forgery to assault.

And they were all included in this new report from the Department of Homeland Security, aimed at telling the public who the immigration enforcers are looking to pick up from local jails, and why they want them deported.

The report also contains a warning that immigration field offices have been ordered to start issuing detainers again.

Meanwhile, BART has tapped the brakes on declaring itself a "sanctuary" transit system in part out of concern that the cash-strapped commuter system could lose federal funds.

BART Director Debora Allen was just in Washington D.C. where the sanctuary issue was front and center with the new administration.

"One went so far as to ask us why are you pursuing a policy that would directly conflict with federal law when you are asking for nearly $1 billion?" Allen said.

BART received $55 million in federal funds last year for track repairs, system upgrades and police. But now President Trump is threatening to cut such funds for cities, or even agencies, refusing to cooperate with immigration laws.

Allen said she doesn't think this is something BART staff should be pursuing and that instead, they should be concentrating on making the trains run on time.

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