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Fake Marin Landlord Promised Immigrants Housing In Exchange For Sex, Money

SAN RAFAEL (KCBS) -- San Rafael police have arrested a fake landlord on charges that include prostitution, after an undercover sting revealed he was trying to get sex and rent money for a fake apartments.

Fair Housing Advocates of Northern California alerted police that the man was preying on immigrants who desperately need housing.

"The victims called him and he would call them and offer housing in exchange for sexual acts, basically," said Cpl. Christian Diaz of the San Rafael Police. "He posted advertisements in local laundromats and the canal neighborhoods in San Rafael under a fictitious name. I guess his belief was that the immigrant community wouldn't report a crime to the local police or authorities."

The 38-year-old man was arrested in an undercover operation Friday night. The arrangement he proposed was $2,000 in rent and sex on a regular basis in exchange for an apartment that turned out not to exist.

The suspect allegedly offered an undercover officer money for sex and said he'd give the apartment key the next day.

Now he is in jail facing fraud and prostitution charges. As of Sunday, KPIX learned he has posted bail and is out of custody.

Police are not sure how many people, if any, actually fell for the scam but they are encouraging any victims to contact investigators.

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