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8,000 Pounds Of Trash Pulled From Fairfield Home After Complaints From Neighbors

FAIRFIELD (KPIX 5) – Officials have pulled 8,000 pounds of trash from a home in Fairfield, following a litany of complaints from neighbors.

Authorities said complaints started back in June of trash, criminal activity and vermin at the home located on the 200 block of Atlantic Avenue. Police said inspections revealed a mass collection of trash and junked cars parked in the back and side yards, and it is believed that the outside was used as a bathroom despite the home having water service.

After the homeowner didn't comply with requests to follow city codes, a judge issued a court order and officers with the department's code enforcement unit served a warrant on Tuesday.

Fairfield House Trash
A massive pile of trash before it was removed from a home on the 200 block of Atlantic in Fairfield on February 11, 2020. (Fairfield Police Department)

Using a local contractor, the trash was removed and the vehicles were towed.

"It was always, kind of, kind of sketchy to me, just the vibe I got from it," said neighbor Anthony Villavicencio.

"It's painful for us. It's painful for the people that have to deal with it," said Jausiah Jacobsen of the Fairfield Police. The problem is these things take time."

Fairfield police said residents with a code enforcement complaint should call the department at (707) 428-7587.

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