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Ex-Fiance Recounts 'Terrifying' Abuse By Former 49er McDonald

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- A day after the release of frightening cell phone video and photos that documented alleged abuse at the hands of former San Francisco 49er Ray McDonald, his former fiance broke her silence about the vicious treatment she endured.

Kendra Scott spoke to KPIX 5 reporter Emily Turner on Thursday, discussing at length the altercations and abuse that led Scott to break off her engagement to McDonald.

On Wednesday, Scott through her attorney released photos of injuries she allegedly suffered at the hands of the former NFL star as well as disturbing cell phone video of a confrontation with McDonald. Scott is currently in the midst of a custody battle with McDonald over their young son.

The video released wasn't enough to charge McDonald with any crime, but Scott -- who shot it -- hopes it will help keep their son out of harm's way.

"I don't want our son to get old to enough to understand what's going on and have to live like that," said Scott during the interview.


Ray McDonald has been arrested for suspicion of domestic violence at least twice and is currently facing charges of violating a restraining order Scott got against him.

He is also facing charges that he raped a different woman who was intoxicated.

"You could say I'm lucky to be sitting here," said Scott. "And my son is still alive."

When asked what it was like to be in an abusive relationship like the one she endured with McDonald, Scott replied, "It's scary. Terrifying. You're ashamed to talk about it and feel the feelings of…just everything. There aren't words for it."

Scott told KPIX 5 at least one of the domestic violence arrests happened while she was pregnant. So did the rape charge of another woman.

The uninvited visit to her apartment that she documented in the cellphone video released this week happened when their baby was two months old.

All vital elements in family court, according to KPIX 5's legal analyst Judge LeDoris Cordell.

"If someone is abusive of women, that's absolutely a major factor for a judge to consider in determining what is right for the child," explained Cordell.

The cell phone video in particular could affect a custody case, even prevent McDonald from seeing his 20-month-old boy at all. But that's not the outcome Kendra is necessarily hoping for.

"Hopefully, Ray can get the help that he needs to be a positive influence, a role model for our son," said Scott.

Scott readily admitted that McDonald's status as a professional football player impacted their situation.

"It was public. The world has an opinion. I think it's a different game when you're a public figure," Scott explained.

The exposure of the abusive relationship to the public eye led to Scott getting judged by public opinion as well.

"I think that there's people who don't believe me and there's people who do," said Scott. "I got a lot of hate mail and threats. And that's hard. It makes you want to curl up in a ball and not speak about it."

Scott also said that she hopes speaking out about the abusive relationship she withstood will help other victims seek help.

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