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Economist Says The World Should Operate On Single Time Zone

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) -- You have to do math or have an app to figure out what time it is in other parts of the world, but an economist and his colleague think it would be much easier to have one universal time zone.

"It would be a lot easier, because everyone would be looking at the same time," Steve Hanke, economist with Johns Hopkins University said.

According to Hanke, the idea is getting some traction.

"In this day and age as time and distance gets compressed, and there's more and more international commerce and business being transacted 24 hours a day, we would be much better off with universal time," Hanke said.

With 40 time zones currently in existence around the world, it may take more than time to make the change.

"Nothing would change except what you're reading on your watch, but everyone in the world at that point in time, when the New York stores opened at 1400, they would be reading 1400 in London, in Beijing, in San Francisco – everyone would be looking at the same time," Hanke said.


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