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East Bay Preacher Apologizes For False Doomsday Predictions

ALAMEDA (CBS/AP) - A California preacher who foresaw the world's end last year is acknowledging for the first time that his apocalyptic prophecy was wrong.

In a missive posted on his independent ministry's site on Thursday, 90-year-old Harold Camping said he has no evidence the end of the world will come anytime soon. The preacher, who lives in Alameda, also said he isn't interested in considering future dates.

"Even the most sincere and zealous of us can be mistaken," reads Camping's statement.

Camping's Family Radio International spent millions of dollars in the last few years putting up thousands of billboards plastered with the Judgment Day message.

After global cataclysm didn't occur on May 21 as he had forecast, Camping revised his prophecy, saying he had been off by five months. His October 21st prediction also failed to come to fruition.

He was later hospitalized after suffering a mild stroke.

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