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Durant On Conference Finals Turning Point: We 'Came Out As One'

OAKLAND (CBS SF) -- In any team setting, it's generally hard to get a consensus. But when the Golden State Warriors are asked about a turning point this season, one crucial time out comes to mind.

Trailing and getting physically hammered by the Houston Rockets during the second quarter of Game 7 in the NBA Western Conference finals, Draymond Green's pass to Kevin Durant was intercepted by James Harden who streaked down court for a dunk.

It appeared that play would be the signature moment of a Rockets clinching win. Instead, it woke up a slumbering giant and the Warriors were able to roll to a victory and a trip to their fourth straight NBA Finals.

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Golden State called a time out and had one its most animated huddles of the season.

"We just talked it out," Durant. "We don't take it personally when guys have stuff to say. We moved past it pretty quickly and knew what we had to do to get back into the game."

Green said everyone got involved.

"Steph getting up in the huddle telling everyone to stay together," he said. "Klay talking. Andre got up in the huddle. Kevin started yelling. We had everyone in there. Everyone was pretty much yelling the same thing."

Durant said moments like that can either be building block of a championship or a stumbling point leading to a fall.

"When stuff like that happens, you're in a tough situation and you're trying to figure your way out of it," he said. "You can go the other way and just blame, put the blame on someone else and that just divides the team right there."

Green said at moments like that, a team has to fall back on the DNA it builds up during the season.

"We know what we are capable of when we are standing together," he said. "We did that and we're able to survive and get through it."

Durant also saw it as a building moment.

"We might have walked in (to the huddle) separately, but we came out as one," he said. "That was a huge moment for us going forward and not just that night. We can look back and realize we can get through anything if we talk and communicate."

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