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Dog Owners Worried After Pets Get Ill Following San Francisco Park Visits

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) -- Some dog owners say their dogs have gotten sick after spending time at popular Precita Park in San Francisco.

Some pet owners are pointing fingers at the city after their pups got ill following recent visits to the park in the Bernal Heights neighborhood.

One dog owner said her 9-year-old pet had been sick with diarrhea for six days. So has her friend's dog Monty. The owners don't think it's any coincidence.

"I have seen her eat grass here. I have seen her little bits of clumps of things in the grass," said owner Melissa Peabod.

Earlier this week, some dog owners said their pets got violently ill, throwing up and even foaming at the mouth.

Some concerned dog owners think there's something in the grass.

"Whether or not the Parks and Rec Department does put anything on the grass, I don't think anyone has found a conclusive, official answer," said dog owner Esther Yu.

A representative for San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department told KPIX 5 some of the park has been newly seeded, but no fertilizers or chemicals were used.

"And look at this playground! There's an elementary school," said Peabody. "Little kids come to this park all the time and what do little kids do? They feel the grass. They feel the grass and then they put the grass in their mouth."

"It's a wonderful facility for people to use, but we'd like to know," agreed Yu. "We just want to be informed."

With recent reports of a coyote sighting in nearby Bernal Hill Park, this is the only neighborhood park option for these people to take their dogs.

They're asking the city to put on the rec and parks website an image of the grass mix they're using here.

For now, they say they'll be even more aware of what their dog is sniffing or eating or avoid Precita Park altogether.

Precita is an on-leash dog park.

Rec and Parks said they will be back out here to investigate some time later this week.

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