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Daily Madden: Are We Expecting Too Much From 49ers?

SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) - The 49ers offense again struggled against an inferior team at home Sunday, but came from behind to beat Washington 17-13. "Winning is hard," John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew.

"We make a such a big thing of the Super Bowl, that everything is 'are you going to win the Super Bowl.' But along the road, you have to win a lot of games to put yourself in that position. Now if you win a lot of games, you're going to win some that are going to be close, you're going to win some that are average and you're going to win some in a blowout fashion. Because it isn't easy."

Madden said even a 3-7 team like Washington presents a major challenge.

"If you (let them hang) in there, they're going to be tough. I mean they can be tough on defense and they can do things on offense that will give you problems."

But the 49ers pass rush limited the effectiveness of Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III.

"(The 49ers) get Aldon Smith back and that's a totally different defense," Madden said. "They're coming after you, and they're tough to block." (6:25)

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