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Coronavirus Reopening Roundup: Santa Cruz County 'Family Clusters'; Xenophobic Letters Left At San Leandro Homes

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- The tsunami of news about the current coronavirus outbreak and now the shelter-in-place can be overwhelming. To help you navigate through what you need to know -- 5 News/CBSN Bay Area -- will be publishing a news roundup each morning of the top coronavirus and reopening-related stories from the last 24 hours so you can start your day with the latest updated developments.

Good News -- Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Adopt-a-Senior Campaign Exposes North Bay High School Grads to Kindness of Strangers
SANTA ROSA -- Cardinal Newman High School teacher and coach Monica Mertle surprised Ben Thornton at his home with a handful of gifts. He is a senior at Maria Carrillo High School in Santa Rosa. "You're awesome," he exclaimed. "Thank you so much." "I'm so excited for you," she replied. "We've lost so much in these last couple months -- graduation, prom, senior trip," Thornton said. "It's special to me to receive a gift like this from a complete stranger that I never knew before." Read More

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Coronavirus Stories

Santa Cruz Health Officials Investigate Four COVID-19 'Family Clusters'
SANTA CRUZ -- Health officials were investigating four distinct clusters of COVID-19 coronavirus cases traced to Santa Cruz family gatherings, county officials said. As of Sunday, Santa Cruz officials said there have been 192 confirmed cases since the outbreak began with 2 deaths. Currently, there were 29 residents hospitalized being treated for COVID-19. County public health workers have identified four separate clusters of COVID-19 transmission in the South County region, according to a statement from the Public Health Division. Read More

San Leandro Residents React To Arrest Of Woman Accused Of Posting Racist Letters On Local Homes
SAN LEANDRO -- A woman identified as Trinh says her brother's Ring video captured a woman wearing a white USA beanie leaving a racist, handwritten note on his front door on Friday. Not long after, police arrested 52-year-old Nancy Arechiga of San Leandro, for posting insensitive messages toward minorities. "Someone can be so deranged, to wake up one morning and take the time, hand write it, wasn't even xeroxed, it was handwritten several times, posted on several houses, and tree and targeted specifically Asian American household," said Trinh. This case is the latest in a string of anti-Asian intimidation and racism, since the start of the pandemic. Read More

Happy Diners Flock To Reopened Napa County Restaurants
NAPA -- Diners flocked to Napa County restaurants for the first time since mid-March Sunday, enjoying their first dine-in meal since shelter-in-place restrictions were eased as part of Phase 2 reopening. For many, it's business in a different way but also a big relief to see diners coming in from far away and locals too. Several restaurant owners told KPIX 5 that the number of seatings per day has increased, especially during the first weekend since the later stage of Phase 2 allowed full-service restaurants to reopen. But they also say many tough challenges lie ahead. Read More

Memorial Day Heat Wave Sends Crowds Flocking To Parks Triggering Social Distancing Concerns
SAN FRANCISCO -- Bay Area parks and beaches saw a surge of visitors enjoying warm sunshine and trying to maintain social distancing Sunday, but not always succeeding. Much of the green space in Golden Gate Park was taken up with small groups set apart from each other. "Seems like people are behaving themselves," said Melanie Sherk. "There are some crowded picnic areas, but otherwise people are having a great time and being respectful." Read More

Bay Area Residents Rediscover The Joys Of Cycling During Pandemic
SAN FRANCISCO -- Joel Johnson hadn't owned a bicycle since he was 15, but the pandemic changed all that. Johnson first bought a multipurpose bike to avoid the germs on crowded buses and trains but then discovered a passion for pedaling around San Francisco, where some streets are now closed to traffic. He has been taking regular morning rides to stay fit and weekend excursions in leafy Golden Gate Park or along the Pacific Ocean. He has since upgraded to a new road bike. "It's addictive," he said. Read More

San Francisco Religious Leaders To Call For Slow Reopening Of Live Services
SAN FRANCISCO -- A group of black religious leaders were planning to gather Monday to promote sticking with virtual worship services during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and to call for more community medical and educational services. Black pastors and members of the San Francisco Interfaith Council will gather at City Hall to urge that churches in the black community, and across the region, to keep their doors closed until they can ensure the safety of their congregations from the coronavirus. The participating pastors plan to note the significant number of victims of the virus among black clergy, and members of their congregations, who closed their churches too late or have reopened them too soon. Read More

San Mateo County Gets State' Roomkey' Funds To Help Homeless During The Pandemic
REDWOOD CITY -- Ninety homeless people considered at high risk have been sheltered at a San Mateo County hotel as part of the county's efforts to stem the spread of novel coronavirus among vulnerable populations. The county project known as Bayfront Station leases a block of rooms at an undisclosed hotel in the county for homeless people who do not have COVID-19 symptoms, but are categorized as high risk under federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. The county has been granted $750,000 in funding from the California Department of Social Services as part of Project Roomkey, a statewide initiative by Gov. Gavin Newsom to provide non-congregate shelter to high-risk homeless people during the pandemic. Read More

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