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Calculator Estimates How Much Time Have You Wasted On Facebook

MENLO PARK (CBS SF) - Facebook is getting ready to celebrate 10 years since Mark Zuckerberg famously launched the social giant in his Harvard dorm room. Over that decade, about 1.2 billion users have connected with friends through the Menlo Park-based site. How much –arguably wasted – time does that add up to for a regular user?

The editors of Time's online tech section have created a tool to help individuals get an idea of how much of their lives are spent on status updates.

Click here to see the toll that's been taken for all of that friending.

According to 2012 numbers, the average Facebook visit lasts about 20 minutes. The average time on the team was just shy of a month. Our beloved social media coordinator is pushing 50 days on her personal account alone.

"That's nearly two months of my life," she said.

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