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Brazen Bikers Lead Oakland Police On Chases, Upload Instagram Videos

OAKLAND (KPIX 5) -- Videos posted on Instagram show motorcyclists taking wild rides through the streets of Oakland, as police appear in close pursuit with lights flashing.

In at least two selfie videos shot by the same biker, he and his fellow riders ignore and even appear to taunt police chasing them in a brazen show of definance.

One video was shot near Seminary and East 17th Street, and an employee at a nearby market said he saw groups of bikers riding in the area Sunday.

Noel Gallo, Oakland city councilman said, "We see them in the evenings, on weekends, riding on the sidewalks, going the opposite direction and it really is a behavior that should not be tolerated."

But Gallo said Oakland police are hesitant to crack down.

"Police right now don't want to create extra problems, cost somebody's life and so they're not being as aggressive as they could," Gallo said.

KPIX 5 asked Gallo if it seems like police have it under control. Gallo said, "Well, certainly, it's not an indication that it's under control. Definitely, it's not under control."

Gallo said this kind of brazen bike riding is an offshoot of Oakland's infamous sideshows.

And it's not just happening in Oakland.

A recent KPIX 5 investigation revealed a well-known bike crew known for dangerous stunts on the streets of San Francsico was led by a Marin County sheriff's deputy.

Gallo said it's time to get aggressive, before someone gets hurt.

"With the sideshows we got to the point now where we're gonna impound your vehicle and we may just have to apply this to the motorcycle as well," Gallo said.

Oakland Police did not return our request for comment.

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