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Wet Winter Brings Waterfall Bounty to Bay Area Creeks, Rivers

MORGAN HILL (KPIX) -- This amazing, wet winter has brought an abundance of waterfalls to Bay Area creeks and rivers.

Little Emma Anderson, accompanied by her mom Carrie, was on the hunt at Uvas Canyon County Park recently. The mission: find waterfalls.

It didn't take the two explorers from Morgan Hill long.

A few minutes into their hike -- splash! To be clear, this was not Emma's first waterfall sighting. That happened when she was two years old. She's four now but not at all jaded.

"Wow! Look how cool that is," Emma exclaimed.

"I've been coming here for probably 40 years but this is the first year that the waterfalls have just been incredible," said Cynthia Skilling, a hiker from San Jose.

Connoisseurs of cataracts can thank the recent rains.

Precipitation totals since Oct. 1 are more than 100 percent of average and the drought is over. In fact, the entire state of California is drought-free for the first time since December, 2011.

If you're in the mood to get outside Curbed SF has published a list of nine Bay Area hikes that feature a waterfall.

CURBED SF: Hikes in the Bay Area: 9 Trails With Waterfall Endings

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