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BART Board Members Voice Support For General Manager After Attempted Ouster

OAKLAND (KCBS) - The Bay Area Rapid Transit Board has made public what has been an open secret for two weeks: that there was an attempt to fire the system's general manager.

KCBS' Bob Melrose Reports:

The vote was five to four to ask for Dorothy Dugger's resignation. But lawyers informed the board that proper public notice was not given over the closed session, and the board was forced to rescind its vote.

Now, in order to avoid a lawsuit over the state's open meeting laws, the board has made the vote public. Board Member Gail Murray said that the whole process has been unfair to Dugger, who continues to run the system.

"I'm concerned about this board because of the disgraceful way that they handled this," said Dugger. "In July of 2010 our general manager asked for a meeting with the board of directors to talk about board communications. That request was never honored. It's seven months later and she's never had that hearing.

Dugger did not comment to reporters.

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