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4 Officers Investigated For Exchanging Racist, Homophobic Texts With Convicted SFPD Mission District Supervisor

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) -- Four San Francisco Police officers are under investigation for exchanging dozens of texts with racial slurs and homophobic remarks about blacks, gays, Filipinos and Mexicans.

The texts surfaced in a court filing by federal prosecutors in the case of former Sgt. Ian Furminger. The San Francisco officer was convicted last December for robbing drug suspects during his stint as a supervisor in the Mission District's plainclothes unit.

Furminger was sentenced to three years, five months in prison and is appealing the conviction.

Federal prosecutors included the texts in the federal court file opposing Furminger's request to remain out on bail.

Following are excerpts recovered from Furminger's personal cell phone:

Furminger: We got 2 blacks at my boys school and they are brother and sister! There cause dad works for the school district and I am watching them like hawks.
Unnamed Civilian: Do you celebrate qaunza [sic] at your school?
Furminger: Yeah we burn the cross on the field! Then celebrate Whitemas...its worth every penny to live here (Walnut Creek)away from the savages.

On another occasion, Furminger and an officer texted the phrase "white power" to one another. He also texted his address to a civilian with the phrase "white power family."

When Furminger told an anonymous SFPD officer his wife's friend was visiting with her black husband who "is an attorney," the officer texted:

SFPD Officer: Get ur pocket gun. Keep it available in case the monkey returns to his roots, it's not against the law to put an animal down.
Furminger: Well said.

Unidentified texter: All niggers must fucking hang
Furminger: Ask my 6-year-old what he thinks about Obama.

Unidentified texter: Just boarded train at Mission /16th
Furminger: Ok, just watch out for BMs [black males]

Furminger also called another officer a "fag" and made racist comments about Mexican and Filipino people.

The texts were allegedly sent in late 2011 and mid-2012. The officers have been reassigned while the investigation is underway.

READ THE FULL TEXT OF THE PETITION: Government's Opposition To Defendant Furmingers Motion For Bail Pending Appeal

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