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3 Women File Lawsuit Against Regents Claiming UC Berkeley Failed Them In Sexual Assault Investigations

BERKELEY (KCBS) — Three young women who say they were sexually assaulted while at UC Berkeley are filing a lawsuit against UC regents. The women claim the University failed to adequately protect them and investigate their complaints in a timely manner.

Title IX requires universities to protect students from sexual harassment and sexual assault that may deprive a victim from educational opportunities and benefits.

Attorney Alex Zalkin, speaking on behalf of the three women in this case said the University failed his clients.

"Berkeley did nothing substantive in their response to their reports of sexual assault. What they did amounted to indifference at best," he said.

Ariel Butler said she was sexually assaulted in the summer of 2012 by a faculty member of a program with significant ties to UC Berkeley. After reporting the assault, Butler said she was expecting a swift and appropriate response, but instead was told that nothing could be done for her.

"We are no longer asking for justice and we are no longer asking for change. We are demanding it," said Butler three years later.

For its response the University issued a statement indicating UC officials would reserve comment until they've had a chance to review the filing. They also added that UC Berkeley is, "Committed to creating a campus community where sexual assault is not tolerated."

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