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Woman Hopes Buddy Benches Will Help Cut Back On Bullying At Schools

STRAWBERRY (CBS13) — A special bench in Strawberry is part of an effort to prevent bullying from getting worse.

Carolyn Weaver is on a mission to get a Buddy Bench at every school in the region. With each stroke, she's bringing some handcrafted comfort to recess time.

"Oh, I've just been tickled to death to do this project," she said.

Inside the quaint condo is where the retired federal employee creates Buddy Benches. The brightly colored slabs of wood have a simple, yet powerful message for children.

"We're hoping that if children learn friendliness and inclusion and kindness now, that as they grow up and grow into their communities, that this grows with them," she said.

With an arsenal of power tools and paint, the passion project gives kids a place to sit if they're feeling lonely or too shy to ask their classmates if they can join in. Ideally, another student that sees them sitting on the bench is supposed to approach and ask them to join.

"There's 90 schools in Tuolumne County that will be getting the benches," he said.

Two new Buddy Benches will be presented to Sonora Elementary School on April 5.

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