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'Just Want To Bring Him Home': Family Continues Search For Teen After Crash Into Winters Creek

WINTERS (CBS13) — One by one, a California Highway Patrol helicopter plucked each search crew member out of the thick brush along the Putah Creek in Winters. It's the easiest way to make sure crews can scan every inch of the area for 18-year-old Eduardo Fierros.

"I have known him my entire life. I've seen him as my little brother and I really care for him," said Dago Fierros.

Fierros is devastated but stays positive in the search for his cousin, who was in a truck with another 18-year-old friend when they crashed into the creek Sunday night on Putah Creek Road just west of Canal Lane.

"So while the water does appear to be clear, you can see the surface of the water that is vegetation and that vegetation is extremely thick," said Solano County Sheriff's Deputy Rex Hawkins

Deputy Hawkins said crews used an underwater device with sonar capability, but even sonar couldn't penetrate the thick vegetation.

It's one of the multiple drownings that happened over the Fourth of July weekend, including one in Rio Vista where three men drowned trying to rescue a child on the Sacramento River. Crews were able to pull the child to safety.

"I guess it's an opportunity to tell people that whenever they're in bodies of water, they should wear personal flotation devices," said Deputy Hawkins.

Friends of Eduardo Fierros suited up in their life jackets determined to find him as they headed out on kayaks. His picture pinned to a tree now marks the scene of the crash, perhaps motivation to keep the search alive. Eduardo Fierros had just graduated from Winters High School, gotten his license and was ready to head to Sacramento State.

"A lot of great memories and like I said, we're very hopeful we'll find him,' Dago Fierros said. "We care about him and we love him so much. We're all patiently waiting and we just want to bring him home."

Search and rescue crews said they'll be back out this weekend.

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