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Visit A Vodka Distillery... In Paradise

Credit: Ocean Vodka -- Blue Sky Aerials

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If year-round sunshine, epic waves, and surfer chicks aren't enough to lure you to Maui, the island's solar-powered, organic vodka distillery might do it. Check out Ocean Vodka, an 8-year-old company that recently opened a visitor-friendly complex. Aloha, lushes!

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Credit: Ocean Vodka -- Kristin Hettermann

The 80-acre craft distillery sits on the slopes of Mt Haleakala, where you can see both the island's north and south shores -- talk about tropical drinking!

Credit: Ocean Vodka -- Kristin Hettermann

Being healthy and getting drunk are no longer mutually exclusive. Ocean Vodka's the only one of its kind, distilled from organic sugar cane and farmed on the rich, volcanic soil surrounding the distillery. The water's also super pure, sourced from the Big Island.

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Credit: Ocean Vodka -- Jessica Pearl

Welcome to the Martini Garden, where you'll find local ingredients like Kula lavender, local citrus, passion fruit, pineapple, and strawberries. Forage yourself a tasty drink (but BYO tiny umbrella).

Credit: Ocean Vodka -- Jessica Pearl

Even the gods are smiling over this liquor.

Credit: Ocean Vodka -- Kristin Hettermann

Outdoor sample station? Don't mind if we do.

Credit: Ocean Vodka -- Jessica Pearl

Who knew vodka paired so well with cheese? In paradise, anything goes.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist’s über-efficient German travel writer. She’s had frequent flyer status ever since her mother gave birth to her at a Lufthansa terminal. Follow her adventures via Twitter at @Sohostyle.

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