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Video Of Woman Walking Dog Alongside Car Raises Animal Cruelty Concerns

STOCKTON (CBS13) — A woman caught on video pulling a dog by its leash while driving down a Stockton street has some wondering if it's a case of animal cruelty.

The video appears to show a lazy dog walker at best, but at it's worst, it's a case of animal cruelty.

Amanda Brajkovich got on the driver's tail and shot this video and confrontation of the woman driving with a dog tethered outside the car as the woman drive down the street.

The video immediately got the attention of Stockton's animal services department and director Phillip Zimmerman.

"We have a lack of humane education not only for adults obviously in this case but as children as well children," he said.

He points to a child inside the car that's pulling the dog and how that child is watching and learning.

"If we don't teach children that this isn't OK, this is what happens," he said.

A Stockton animal services investigation to identify the dog-driving woman is underway. Zimmerman could recommend a charge of animal cruelty under California Penal Code 597T

597t. Every person who keeps an animal confined in an enclosed area shall provide it with an adequate exercise area. If the animal is restricted by a leash, rope, or chain, the leash, rope, or chain shall be affixed in such a manner that it will prevent the animal from becoming entangled or injured and permit the animal's access to adequate shelter, food, and water. Violation of this section constitutes a misdemeanor.

This section shall not apply to an animal which is in transit, in a vehicle, or in the immediate control of a person.

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