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UPDATE: Injured Afghanistan Vet Now Being Allowed To Fly Her American Flag As-Is

CITRUS HEIGHTS (CBS13) — An injured veteran of the war in Afghanistan who was told to take down the American flag she has flying from the balcony of her apartment is now being told it can stay.

Jen Elliot was shocked when she found a notice from her property management company on her front door last week asking her to remove the flag from her balcony, along with some other items.

"I was very upset and very offended by it," she said. "We live in America. Why shouldn't we fly our flag proudly?"

Elliot says she immediately checked her lease to see if she was in fact violating any rules.

"It does say you cannot have flags, plants or wind chimes. However, it does say that the American flag can be displayed within the laws of the state and proper flag etiquette. And mine is."

WATCH: Jen's Original Story

After CBS13 went to the property manager, the rental company called Elliot to say she can fly her flag -- it just couldn't stay where it was: screwed into the siding of her balcony.

"I've lost six people in the past three months, and I know they are going through a tough time. I fly that for them."

She was a specialist serving as a heavy-wheeled vehicle operator and a .50-caliber gunner. She says she flies the flag to remind her of her unit overseas that she can't be a part of anymore after she was injured.

"I suffered from PVI, which is a traumatic brain injury. I was blown off into the wall, and I was unconscious for a couple of minutes. And I still have PTSD from that."

Elliot says she's moving out unless they let her keep the flag the way it is.

"I'll take my plants and wind chimes down, it that's what you want. But I'm not taking that flag down."

The property management company met with Jen face-to-face on Monday and said they are giving her the option to move the flag to be in compliance with their policies or to keep the flag exactly where it is.

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