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TTYM: Dick Butkus Rocks Canadian Tuxedo and Drake Gets His Groom On

by @TaraLipinsky

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In this week's That Thing You Missed watch a young Cubs fan get a dose of reality, a five-year old who can kick your butt, Drake get his grooming on and Dick Butkus sing at Wrigley Field. 

Fashion Fumble

@ClubhouseCancer by ClubhouseCancerVids on YouTube

I was having trouble starting this week’s column… and then I saw I a Tweet that read: “Dick Butkus sings ‘Take Me Out To The Ball Game’" and I clicked on it immediately.

Apparently the NFL Hall of Famer has done it before – but this time it happened during the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley Field’s 100th birthday celebration giving it a national audience.

The video began to trend immediately. What will never be on trend?

The ‘Canadian Tuxedo’ Butkus was wearing. Where is Joe Namath and his big fur when you need him?

Story via YouTube

Reality Bites

And while it was all fun and games and celebrating at Wrigley Field, reality soon set in. Despite the Cubs leading for most of the day the Diamondbacks came back with a five-run rally in the ninth.

The D-Backs eventually won the game and stole the innocence of this young fan.

"A hundred years ago, that’s exactly what his grandfather looked like,” said Bob Brenly, the current Diamondbacks TV analyst and former Cubs TV analyst.


Who am I to talk? I’m a lifelong Mets fan.

Story via CBS Chicago

Drake On A Roll

It’s always been pretty obvious to me that Drake and I had absolutely nothing in common.

And then this happened: Drake decided to groom his pants with a lint roller while sitting courtside at a Raptors (is that who he is rooting for now?) playoff game this week. A man after my own heart.

Do you think he has an entourage member whose sole purpose is to carry his lint brush, like P.Diddy’s umbrella holder?

I guess you can call him Drizzy… but don’t call him fuzzy.

Story via Instagram

 Martial Arts & Crafts?

Ramadan Ondash Muay Thai Kid by Lora Alan on YouTube

I’ll admit it. I know absolutely nothing about Mixed Martial Arts.

I do know, however, after watching this video that your son is a slacker. Meet Ramadan Ondash a 5-year old Muay Thai prodigy from Lebanon who I’m certain is already on the UFC’s radar.

Something tells me he won’t get teased very much on the playground.

Story via CBS Detroit

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