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TTYM: A Urine Controlled Video Game? Yep! LeBron Video Bomb

by @TaraLipinsky

A urine controlled video game? Now that's what I call a "Game of Thrones," a must-see LeBron James video bomb, Mr. T is on ice and Tiger Woods is causing more controversy. It's all in this week's That Thing You Missed.

Nike Has Great Taste in Men

"I can haul one passenger."

The above Tiger Woods ad proves two things – we were correct in believing Tiger Woods is a shameless, narcissistic jerk. And Nike is a marketing genius.

Their lack of business acumen in choosing sponsors (Woods, Armstrong, Pistorius) has long rivaled my life-long knack for picking the wrong men.

Consider Nike’s failed prospects Oscar Pistorius and Lance Armstrong - I mean Tiger is a PR dream in comparison. Am I right? A suspected murderer? Scratch. A cheater? – No Way!!! Um, I mean someone who cheats in sports is seriously bad for business. Cheating on your wife is totally ok.

And guess what? It’s paid off, ‘cause guess what everyone is freakin’ talking about this week?

Kudos Nike.

Now it’s time to start filling the bullpen with new promising athletes to exploit.

Nike, I’ve got someone I’d like to introduce you to.  Have you met Manti Te’o?

Story via CBS Tampa

Blackhawk Magic
"I pity the puck" Mr T scores from center ice 3/26/13 by NHL on YouTube

What the Chicago Blackhawks have done in the first half of a lockout shortened NHL season is nothing short of miraculous.

And Tuesday night Mr. T (did you even know he was still alive?) took to the ice at the United Center and pulled off a miracle of his own.

During the half-time Celebrity Shoot the Puck gag – Mr. T stepped up to the center line and sent the biscuit directly to the back of the net.

I pity the fool who doubted him, and the chick with the 8-inch heels who tried and failed before him.

Story via CBS Chicago

Game of Thrones?
Captive Media's Urinal Games by Captive Media on YouTube

The Lehigh Valley IronPigs – an AA affiliate of the Phillies want to make the bathroom more fun for men.   So they are adding video game screens to the urinals and the games will be controlled by the user’s urine stream.  

Yep.  You read that correctly.

And clearly in an effort to play to the stereotype men have underdeveloped frontal lobes  -- the team is going to give fans the chance to become “famous” for their skills by allowing players to put names to their scores and displaying them on the big screen at the stadium.

What's next, "Stall Concession Stands?" 

Personally, I think they should offer a game called “The Harlem Shake.”

Can you name a "Urinal Game?"

Story via CBS Philly

LeBron Bomb

Miami Heat's LeBron James simply refuses to be outdone -- even by his own teammates. Chris Bosh is the "King" when it comes to videobombing his teammates post-game interview.

This week "King James" gave him a run for his money - with one of the best (worst?) faces ever.

Story via CBS Detroit

"Eagles Giving Top Seeds Asthma Attacks"
FGCU Dunk City by FGCUDunkCity on YouTube

A week ago you had no idea the school Florida Gulf Coast University even existed. If you’d asked me I would assume it was an answer in Jeopardy. “I’ll take community colleges for a $100, Alec.”

“What is Florida Gulf Coast University?”

And if you’re anything like me, you had idea who Black Magic or Bambi were either.

Now thanks to the fact they’ve busted your bracket and this video – the first 15 seed team to ever get into the Sweet 16 is now March’s media darling.

Don’t know where FGCU is even located? Don’t worry just Google “Dunk City.”

Story via CBS Detroit

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