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The Sports World Reacts To NFL's 'Deflategate' Ruling

Bryan Altman, CBS Local Sports

The news of Tom Brady's suspension and the additional punishment handed down by the NFL this afternoon spread like wildfire around the sports world. The reactions ran the gamut from outraged, to depressed, to unabashed and unadulterated bliss among those who believe the Patriots finally have received their comeuppance. Here were some of the best reactions from around the sports world as the news of the Patriots' punishment made its rounds.

Needless to say, his teammates weren't thrilled.

The Cowboys and their fans, who don't have to play Brady in Week 5 anymore, aren't exactly complaining.

Neither are other players from around the league.

Shockingly, some were supportive, and they come from a team that has had Brady's number over the years.


Sports pundits and personalities from across the country weighed in on the matter - discussing its ramifications from every possible perspective.

Even Donald Trump gave his two cents on the matter.

One thing is for sure, the NFL knows how to generate headlines even when meaningful football games are still a few months away.


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