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The Don Geronimo Show - April 16, 2012

Don begins the day by telling us that he and Leah Remini are friends again! After talking with her on Twitter over the weekend, she told Don that not only are they cool, she also wants to come on the show! Don also tells us how much he loves the show "Full Metal Jousting," and how he would love to see a celebrity version of the show (which was actually got the conversation with Leah started). Don then resets the events of last Friday, in which the Maloofs backed out of the arena deal, to the shock of everyone in Sacramento. Apparently George Maloof talked to Dave on the phone for 30 minutes yesterday, and Dave goes over the conversation, the runaround answers he got, and the inconsistencies that have plagued the Maloof's arguments as to why they can't agree to the deal. Don tells us he wants the Maloofs on his show, and we hear what questions he would ask them.

Don tells us about his weekend, including the velvet rope fiasco he encountered at Best Buy, the screaming baby at Sizzler, and the mentally handicapped 12 year old in the restaurant that kept yelling, "Happy Birthday!" We also hear that someone keeps snagging Dave's headphones out of his office. After discussing the Secret Service agents who are accused of hiring hookers in Columbia, Don calls up the Caribe Hotel they were staying at to book 8 rooms and solicit some trim. We then hear a few clips, including the New Jersey Nets broadcasters getting into it over a "patronizing" comment, some new parody songs from Little Joe's prep site, and Guns n' Roses' performance at the Rock n Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony, in which Axl didn't attend. Craig says he can sing better than the guy who performed with Guns, and that leads the guys into another round of 8 bit Karaoke with Craig.

After another TMAU update involving a 34 year old woman from the U.K., the guys play Slow Joe's new game, "Everybody Knows." The game is once again, in Slow Joe fashion, lame, but the guys find the robot woman voice that Slow programmed to be hilarious! It's then time for the "Phantom News Hour." Today, among the stories Phantom gives us: All 5 commanders of the Starship Enterprise will be attending the Star Trek convention in London this October, the weekend's box office numbers, and "The Who" asked to perform at the London Olympics (with Keith Moon). And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!

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