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Nevada City Woman's Harps Recovered After CBS13 Story On Their Theft

NEVADA CITY (CBS13) — Several harps stolen from a local woman's home are back where they belong, thanks to a tip from a CBS13 viewer who saw them at a farmers market after seeing our story.

Lisa Stine is back to playing her harp that she's had for more than 20 years. She's calling the man who found it her angel.

That angel is a fellow musician and a CBS13 viewer who recognized the stolen harps after seeing our story.

When she got the call her harps were found, she says it was like music to her ears.

"He would never have known and said anything if he didn't see your report."

Thieves had plucked eight of Lisa's harps from her Nevada City home while she was out of town.

Then, two days after our story aired, a man shopping at the crowded Denios Flea Market in Roseville recognized the harps one of the vendors was selling as Lisa's. He called police.

"All of the harps still had my sticker with my name, telephone number, and address on them, so he was able to get my phone number right away."

The good Samaritan stayed and waited until officers arrested the vendor, Dean martinez, for possession of stolen property.

""He didn't have to call me or wait an hour in the hot sun watching that no one bought anything from that vendor—watching that he didn't get away."

Lisa says she is eternally grateful to the man who stepped up and reunited her with the music she loves so much.

The man who found Lisa's harps wants to remain anonymous, mainly in fear of retaliation by the thieves.

But she says she plans to stay lifelong friends with him, and is paying him a reward for what he did.

One of her harps is still missing. She's holding out hope, another good Samaritan can help her track that one down as well. She's also offering a reward for its return.

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