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Stockton barbershop chorus headed to France for 80th anniversary of Normandy

Stockton singing group headed to France for 80th anniversary of D-Day
Stockton singing group headed to France for 80th anniversary of D-Day 01:49

STOCKTON — A Stockton barbershop chorus is heading to France for the annual D-Day commemorative ceremony.

Allen Wolter, a Navy veteran, was in awe of the opportunity to perform on such a prestigious occasion—the 80th anniversary of Normandy.

As a barbershop chapter, we are just a little inky dinky chapter, so being able to pull this off is really pretty special," he said.

Thirty members of the Stockton Portsmen Barbershop Chorus will fly from San Francisco to Paris.

Director Bill Litz gave us a sample of their song collection.

"A lot of patriotic songs, a lot of friends that are going. It's really a great trip," Litz said.

Among the chorus is a small group of women, including Nancy Hennefer.

"We are obviously honored, thrilled, and excited," Hennefer said.

Hennefer was the first woman to join the barbershop chorus, in 2010.

"We were one of the very first mixed choruses before it was even allowed," she said.

They have been elated ever since the announcement they would be involved a year ago.

It's the journey of a lifetime to honor those who gave their life serving our country.

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