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Officers In Stephon Clark Shooting Back At Work

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Two officers who shot a man to death in the backyard of a home are back on the job.

Sacramento Police say the officers are back at work more than a month after the shooting of Stephon Clark. The officers are not on patrol, due to safety reasons.

The officers were responding to reports of someone breaking into vehicles when Clark was spotted by a police helicopter climbing into the backyard of a family member's home. Body camera video showed the officers confronting Clark, who fled. They pursued him into a dark backyard and when they rounded the corner saw an object they immediately identified as a gun. Within five seconds, they opened fire, killing Clark.

It was later discovered that Clark did not have a weapon, just a cellphone.

The officers' names have not been publicly released.

The officers were placed on paid administrative leave after the shooting. Sacramento police would not confirm the exact day the officers were back at work.

The death of Clark prompted weeks of protests in Sacramento as calls poured in for charges against the officers.

Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert said on Wednesday that the case could take more than a year and that the police department had not sent her information on the case as their investigation continues.

Black Lives Matter protesters have been a constant outside the DA's office, meeting Tuesday through Thursday to make their push for charges.

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