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Some Napa Residents Left Wondering If They'll Be Able To Come Home

NAPA (CBS13) – The quake near Napa early Sunday morning forced many out of their homes – and some don't know if they'll be able to return.

While they wait on word, they're staying the night at an evacuation center.

"I called 911, I said, 'You guys have to come over here, my house may fall over right now,'" said Christina Jameson, who was evacuated from her home.

Jameson is hoping for the best but preparing for the worst: that she may never get to live in her home again.

"And I guess the worst fear is I hope it doesn't fall on the other people's house," Jameson said.

Her home is the only one deemed unsafe on her block. She left with what she could, but can't even go back inside for anything else.

"It's like the whole house shifted about a foot," Jameson said.

Christina's home shifted so much it actually tore away from the fence it was once attached to.

"The whole house is off the foundation," said Robert Tyler.

Just like many in Napa Sunday morning, Christina woke up to the powerful jolt.

"There was this like an explosion, I thought maybe a bomb fell on the house," Jameson said.

Out of all the quakes she's lived through – including the 1989 San Francisco tremor – Jameson says this was the most violent.

"The whole house was shaking wildly. I've never, I mean, it just went back and forth and I've never ever in my life felt anything like that," Jameson said.

Everything in her home, she says, fell to the ground. And seconds after the shaking stopped, Jameson thought of her worst fears: did her dogs and tenants survive?

"[Did] something [fall] on them?  If anybody was killed?" Jameson said.

Everyone made it out OK. But now Jameson doesn't know if they can ever return.

"It's my life savings. I have nothing else, and I'm 66 years old."

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