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Solano County Residents Bracing For Local Outbreak

VACAVILLE (CBS13) — Since that first unknown source case in Solano County, many there are understandably concerned. Some have even gone as far as stocking up on supplies in case they need to go under quarantine.

Solano County continues to be in the headlines after a resident tested positive for the first unknown-origin case of coronavirus and international travelers were quarantined in the county at Travis Air Force Base. The connection to coronavirus has city leaders and first responders are fielding all kinds of questions.

Ker Vue and her husband are preparing for a local outbreak and stocked up at the Vacaville Costco in case they need to stay home with their five kids.

"There were a lot of people there, especially water, so my husband decided to get nine cases," Vue said.

Dustin Kuntz is a firefighter/paramedic with the Vacaville Fire Department. He is on the front lines when people call in a crisis.

"Things that are routine to us are an emergency to them," said Dustin Kuntz. "We have been more diligent about things."

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He says the 84 men and women he works with are already following CDC protocol for the flu, utilizing personal protective equipment kit. Now they are going one step further to be prepared.

"Our dispatch is trying to screen calls more and then find out if we need to put a gown on and eye protection and splash protection over the mouth and nose," said Kuntz.

Etta Harris, 76, lives in Fairfield. She questions the way quarantined patients were transported at Travis Air Force Base and wonders if it led to the Vacaville woman contracting the coronavirus.

"You are going about your business and you don't know who you're are being exposed to, so I think it's hard for them to say she hasn't come into contact with anybody who had the virus," said Harris.

"I kind of get a little nervous if somebody near me coughs. I think. Ewww," said Anne Griffin.

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Griffin says it's the topic of discussion everywhere she goes. She too is buying in and buying supplies such as toilet paper.

"It is a little nervewracking when every time you turn on the tv, the focus is Solano County," she said.

Kuntz tried to quell people's fears.

"I understand people are concerned about this. It's something to be concerned about but not something to panic about," he said.

The city of Vacaville met on Friday to keep all their agencies on the same page to answer the community's questions.

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