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Senate Committee Debating Conversion Therapy Ban Bill Monday

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - On Monday the State Senate Appropriations Committee will debate the so-called Conversion Therapy Ban Bill.

Assembly Bill 2943 would ban any organizations from charging people to change their sexual orientation. California already bans the so-called therapy for minors.

The Assembly passed AB 2943 in April by a vote of 50-18 (10 members did not vote.)

The bill's author, Evan Low (D-San Jose), said at the time, "If I tell you that if you eat this orange and you'll grow a foot taller, give it to you for free that's OK. But if I tell you that you can eat this orange and you'll grow a foot taller and pay me for this, that is a fraudulent practice."

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Several religious groups appose the ban. "For many people, it has worked, it has made them happy they say it has saved their lives. So why is the state banning something that people are saying is saving their lives?" said Greg Burt of the CA Family Council.

AB 2943 did pass the Senate Judiciary Committee in early June. If it does pass the Senate it would then go to the governor, who has favored LGBTQ legislation in the past.

Read the full bill HERE.

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