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Plan Would Move Sacramento's Homeless Into Tent Housing Facility

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) —An ambitious plan to move some of Sacramento's homeless population off the streets and into a full-service tent housing facility may be expanding.

Sacramento City Councilman Allen Warren has been pushing for a temporary housing and support service solution for months. The main issue is securing a location. Warren says what was once a one location search in his district, may now be four or five locations across the city.

"It's a crisis," said Warren.

There has been a 30 percent increase of people living on the streets in just two years.

"This is not just a sobering report," said Mayor Darrell Steinberg, "this is a damning report."

With roughly 3,500 people on any given night without a place to call home, Warren says now is the time to act.

"Let's try and get as much done as we can while we're here," said Warren. "Why be complacent?"

His plan is a full-service, barrack-style tent housing facility for roughly 150 people.

"Facilities for them to take showers," explained Warren, "facilities to use the restroom."

Social support would also be available.

"Medical professionals would be able to come in and help deal with some of the more obvious medical issues," Warren continued.

"I think it would be awesome," said one man living in a Van near a Del Paso Blvd, "It's totally what we need."

People living near a proposed site near Del Paso Blvd are encouraged by the idea.

Warren says he's now working with other council members to add three or four more locations throughout the city.

"While it's not the optimum solution long term, it would enable quicker services," said Tricia Rosenbaum.

She has worked for years with people experiencing homelessness.

"Housing without services does not work," said Rosenbaum.

She says the three to four months of temporary help can lead to better lives for many.

"I think getting them into a stable environment is step one to helping them work on their issues," explained Rosenbaum.

It's a complex problem with only expensive answers.

Warren says the pilot program would cost between $200,000 and $300,000. There is also the possibility the pilot program won't work.

"Is it a risk worth taking?" asked Warren, "absolutely."

Warren says he plans to ask the council for a majority of the money and says the rest will be secured through either monetary or resource donations.

He hopes to have the temporary homeless facility moving forward by the end of the summer.

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