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Sacramento Democratic Party Leader Resigns After Tweeting Death Wish For Republican Staffer's Kids

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A Sacramento County Democratic Party leader has resigned after being thrown into the national spotlight for tweeting a death wish for a Republican staffer's children.

He didn't just tweet that he hoped for her children's death, but tweeted he wished for a horrific one.

Sacramento Democratic Party spokesperson Allan Brauer's tweet was in response to speechwriter Amanda Carpenter's tweet about defunding Obamacare.

Even after backlash against Brauer's tweet popped up, his 140-character warfare continued.

The Democratic Party of Sacramento County did not return CBS13 calls for comment, and the office doors were locked when we came knocking.

Brauer did send the Republican speechwriter an apology on Twitter, but political consultant Aaron McLear says the damage to Brauer's reputation is already done.

"It's just a bad move because whatever his point was, no one is getting that point. All they are hearing is this really low blow, and kind of horrible tweet that he sent," McLear said.

Brauer officially left his post Friday after the Democratic Party of Sacramento County called for and accepted his resignation.

There will likely be no criminal investigation. Police say for a threat to be credible, Brauer would have to be able to carry it out. And since he didn't make a direct threat and the speechwriter did not file a complaint, this may be nothing more than a bad move.

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