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Sacramento Couple Readying For Drive To China In Custom Camping Truck

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - A local couple is heading off on a trip around the world in a unique truck they plan to take all the way to China.

Gary and Monika Wescott will soon take their customized Ford truck to Baltimore, ship off to Germany and then drive all the way to China, going through 26 countries.

"I'd like to spend a month in each country," said Gary.

The last trip took the couple through Siberia. Now they're driving from Portugal all the way to China.

"We're always camping. We're out with people all the time," said Monika.

After traveling to Afghanistan and Turkey, Gary realized he wanted to keep traveling but needed three things: his own music, his own vehicle and a traveling companion.

Together for more than 30 years, the couple does almost everything together and says they've really learned to work as a team.

"Everything on this truck, she can do what I do," Gary said. "She can change the spare tire. It weighs 130 pounds."

They're planning on leaving within a week, but with these two the word "planning" is used loosely.

"I don't take the trip; the trip takes me," said Gary. "So we never know for sure where we're going to go or who we're going to meet."

The couple says after living in the cramped space for three years, they're not sure exactly what the future entails or if they'll take another trip. However, they're ready to get this one started.

The couple plans to blog about their adventures at

Correction: A prior version of the story incorrectly reported the couples' names.

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