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Website Breaks Down Coronavirus Hotspots In Sacramento County

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A new Sacramento County website zeroes in on the number of coronavirus cases by zip code.

Screen Shot 2020-04-08 at 10.31.24 PM

It's perhaps the most pinpointed breakdown we've seen so far. The interactive map is color-coded showing the deeper red areas have the most cases.

"Some parts are more hard-hit than others, but it's really to reiterate the point that we've got to make sure that people continue to social distance," said Sacramento County Health Director Peter Beilenson.

Dr. Beilenson says it's part of the county's efforts to be more transparent. And many people who talked with CBS13 say they'd use it.

"Because I want to know how many people have it in my area or I wouldn't shop here," said Mandie Haner.

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"Because I look around and people aren't wearing masks, they're not protecting themselves and the whole idea is you can not be symptomatic and you can give it to people," said Janice Wilson.

Craig, who didn't want his last name released, said he appreciates the new website but still wants more detailed information.

"But it's still by zip codes. Zip codes are very large. Zip codes are five or six neighborhoods, so if we could get this broken down by neighborhoods, broken down by testing... Sacramento County, give us the information so that we can make our own decisions," said Craig.

Dr. Beilenson says this is just the beginning. He's hoping to zero in even more in the cases soon.

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