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Sacramento City Council Abruptly Adjourns Meeting During Homeless Discussion

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The Sacramento City Council abruptly adjourned on Tuesday after complaints that the crowd was too boisterous.

Homeless advocates in the crowd were in the middle of offering comment when Vice Mayor Rick Jennings warned the crowd a second time about applauding following speakers.

"Based on the decision made by the public, this meeting is hereby adjourned," he said before rapping his gavel.

Before the meeting was called off, the City Council heard from a subcommittee aimed at tackling the homeless problem in Sacramento, though that was still in the fact-finding stage with a meeting slated for Feb. 29, less than a month before the end of winter.

Jennings said there were 25 speakers set to talk on the subject, and he wanted the focus on the task force, rather than on a camping ordinance that has drawn the ire of homeless advocates.

Warren appeared to be upset after the applause following the third speaker's displeasure at what she described as the city's inaction on handling homelessness in Sacramento. The crowd in the City Council chambers had also applauded halfway through the third speaker's remarks, drawing Jennings' gavel.


After a couple of people in the crowd voiced dissent, saying they had a right to applaud, Jennings called off the meeting.

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