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'Shut Up And Make Babies': Protesters Reveal Deeply Personal Stories Following SCOTUS Decision

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) -- What was planned as a vigil without any speakers turned into a flash protest following Friday's Supreme Court opinion.

It's clear many are taking the decision personally as some shared deeply personal stories outside the State Capitol.  They raised their signs and voices in an emotional response to one of the most controversial Supreme Court decisions in decades.

"I was sobbing all day and I had to leave work and my manager said, 'go give 'em hell,'" said Jessica Ward.

For Ward and many who marched around downtown Sacramento, overturning Roe v. Wade is personal.

"I was the victim of rape and that could've easily been me," Ward told CBS13.

"Personally, I've had two very close people who've had abortions.  One had an abortion from a very abusive and violent relationship," said Kristyn Williams.

Meantime, non-profit Californians For Life also reacted saying they're not calling the decision a victory, but a step in the right direction.

"I'm asking people of goodwill to assist women to address the underlying circumstances that might motivate them to have an abortion, rather than fall into the default case of abortion abortion abortion," said a representative.

"I don't think this was pro-life this was pro-birth because there are choices," said Williams.

Those are choices, protesters say, they've now been stripped of.  Ward was not just here for herself but to add to the numbers for support as nearly 50 years of precedent set by Roe v. Wade were suddenly thrown out.

"For all the other victims and anyone else who doesn't want their life taken from them like that," said Ward.

"We're told to shut up and make babies instead of having our own autonomy, our own dreams, and having our own self and being human," said Williams.

As the final protesters left downtown, their message of support for women's rights could still be seen as the capitol dome lit up in pink.

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