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Reporter Gets Google Glass Snatched From His Face

San Francisco, Calif. (CBS Sacramento) - A man had his Google Glass snatched from his face while walking down the sidewalk Friday.

Kyle Russell explained that he had just finished covering a protest march with a colleague when they began walking towards the 16th Street BART station in San Francisco, according to a column he wrote for Business Insider.

"After more than an hour spent working on the story in a coffee shop, I arranged my laptop, camera, and notes in my backpack," he wrote. "Mindlessly, I put on Google Glass instead of squeezing it in with the rest of my things. In retrospect, I can see how that might not have been the best idea."

Russell said that "a person put their hand on my face and yelled, 'Glass!'" and then they took off running with his Google Glass.

He tried to chase them through traffic but subsequently the person dropped the Google Glass letting it smash to the ground. He picked the remnants of the device and continued to pursue the person on foot.

Russell ended up being blocked by traffic, which allowed the person to get away.

Police in the area also tried to pursue the individual, but they weren't successful. Russell ended up filing a police report about the incident.

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