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Religious leaders speak out after shooting at Sikh temple leaves 2 hospitalized

Latest on shooting at Sacramento Sikh temple
Latest on shooting at Sacramento Sikh temple 01:59

SACRAMENTO — Religious leaders are speaking out after a shooting rocked a local Sikh temple and sent two men to the hospital during religious festivities over the weekend.

Parishioners gathered Monday afternoon to make things clear: they condemn the actions taken by both parties involved in the shooting and they say they are thankful no innocent bystanders were injured.

"We are strong and we are resilient," said Bobbie Singh-Allen, a parishioner at the temple on Bradshaw Road.

Singh-Allen, a spokesperson for the temple and Elk Grove mayor, addressed the Sunday shooting saying it was disappointing and a senseless act of violence. Allen also stated the men involved are not affiliated with the Bradshaw Sikh

"They brought their issues to a place of worship where everyone should feel safe," Singh-Allen said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office said an altercation between two men led to one of them shooting the other. The victim's friend then returned fire hitting the first suspect.

That gunman was identified as 21-year-old Karman Sandhu and was able to get away before being taken into custody just hours later.

"We are a religion of peace and a few people do not speak for our community or our faith," Singh-Allen said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Office said everyone involved in the shooting is accounted for. Meanwhile, they continue to comb through surveillance video and witnesses for their investigation.

A firearm was recovered Monday on temple property, which has now been handed over to investigators.

The temple hired security for the event but they did not perform pat downs or use metal detectors. This was the first Nagar Kirtan parade held at the Bradshaw Sikh temple. Leaders hope the shooting doesn't keep people away from other celebrations.

"Bad actors, unfortunately, brought shame here but we're not going to let them speak for what took place here," Singh-Allen said.

More than 10,000 people attended this event. Investigators said the shooting could have been a lot worse given the number of people here.  

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