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Preparations Underway To Keep The Peace At Capitol Following FBI Warning

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) - Just days before the inauguration, officers are standing on capitol grounds in Sacramento.

The protection is nothing new but the enforcement is noticeably greater following attacks on the U.S. Capitol and a warning from the FBI about the potential for armed protests.

It's the increase in police presence Jeffrey Harp, retired assistant special agent in charge for the FBI in San Francisco, says will be most noticeable.

"And that's what really makes law enforcement operations so successful, is the fact that there's an overwhelming show of force that the subject of the bad guy looks at that they're like, no way can I penetrate that," he said.

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Retired Sacramento County Sheriff John McGinnis says no form of protection resources will be left out.

"The entirety of law enforcement resources equipment and personnel, not all of that will be readily visible but if there is a need for it to be deployed in the very, very high visibly capacity I think you will see that happen very quickly," he said.

Harp tells CBS13 officers will be on high alert and bad violent behavior will be addressed immediately.

"And there's going to be zero tolerance for anything. And I think that's, unfortunately, that's what we've come to," he said.

People can expect to see more officers and barricades remaining in place.

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