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Police Confirm Yuba City Woman Found Dead In Home Was Murdered

YUBA CITY (CBS13) - A 94-year-old woman was found dead inside her Yuba City home Wednesday; and now police are confirming she was attacked and murdered.

So far no arrests have been made in the shocking crime, and neighbors say they can't sleep out of fear.

Grieving family members are pleading for anyone to come forward with information. They also told CBS13, the home was ransacked but it appears nothing was taken.

"I will miss her very much. She was a real good friend to me," said Colleen Walker.

At 94, Leola Shreves was full of life. Friends and family lovingly called the sweet little old lady "Dode." She still drove, stayed active, and her mind sharp as a tack.

"I'd bake cookies and take them over and have a cup of coffee, and we'd talk about the kids," said Walker.

Walker, one of Dode's friends from across the street, couldn't sleep last night. She was overcome with grief and fear.

Family hadn't heard from Dode for a few days before making the awful discovery Wednesday. Police say she was attacked and murdered in her own home.

"It's, it's horrible," neighbor Glenda Suoja said.

Family members tell us it looks like a break-in. Several windows and Dode's sliding glass door in the back are now boarded up.

Yuba City police say they found a trail of blood leading to the sidewalk. It's the aftermath of a crime that nobody can comprehend.

"It just breaks your heart. I can't imagine who would do anything like that. I really don't. It's just awful," said Walker.

Friends say Dode lived alone since her second husband passed away years ago. She had no enemies. Family looked through the home and they say none of her valuables are missing.

Neighbors say they won't feel safe until the 94-year-old's killer is behind bars.

"My mom, we just moved in with, and I would not let her stay here by herself if we weren't here," said Suoja.

Police are staying very tight-lipped. They won't say if they have any suspects or how she died, reiterating this is an active investigation and they hope to announce an arrest in the coming days.

An autopsy was completed Thursday, but the Sutter County coroner has yet to release the official cause of death.

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